Part 2

 The Actual Southern California locations
where "Raise Your Voice" was filmed.

The producers cheated in the scene where Hilary & her boyfriend go to the pier.
They used two different piers, which are over 30 miles apart!

For the first part of the scene, where Hilary and Oliver are sitting at a table at the pier, they
used the Belmont Pier, in Long Beach. (The same pier also once appeared in "The O.C.")

The Belmont Pier can be found at the south end of 39th Place in Long Beach, CA.


For the second part of the scene, where they are walking on the beach below the pier, with an
amusement park overhead, they switched to the Santa Monica Pier, and its Pacific Park carnival rides.

The Santa Monica Pier can be found at the west end of Colorado Avenue, in Santa Monica.


Oliver takes Hilary to "The Blue Moon Club", on an amateur night, so
they can perform on stage in front of a live audience. Hilary panics and runs away.

The club exterior is never shown, only the neon sign outside and a few bricks.
But in the photo above, you can see that as they get out of the car at the club, there is
a "Ben's Market" right across the street, which tells us where we are. Ben's Market
is located at 1463 W 3rd St. (on 3rd, between Witmer St & Columbia Ave.), in
Los Angeles, just a block and a half east of the "performing arts school".

"The Blue Moon Club" doesn't exist in real life. Across from Ben's Market is
an old brick building, which appears to be the exterior where they put up
the fake neon sign. (Trust me - you don't wanna go there...) *


This unique building is none other than the Walt Disney Concert Hall, a creation of famed architect
Frank Gehry (and, coincidentally enough, it's in a Disney film...)  Hilary and her friends walk past it
on their way to her "surprise" destination.

A 2003 addition to the Music Center, Disney Hall covers an entire block of downtown L.A.,
immediately south of the Music Center.  Located at 111 N. Grand Ave., Disney Hall is
bordered by 1st Street & 2nd Street and Hope Street & Grand Avenue.


Hilary leads her musical friends across 1st Street to the original Los Angeles Music Center,
where they join in a spontaneous, night time concert in front of the Center's famous fountains.

The building behind them (in the photo above) is the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.
The sculpture in the center of the fountain is known as Peace on Earth.

The Music Center is located right across the street from (north of) Disney Hall, in downtown L.A.
and is bounded by Temple Street & 1st Street and Hope Street & Grand Avenue.

The Center consists of three halls: the Dorthy Chandler Pavilion, the Ahmanson Theatre and
the Mark Taper Forum. The fountains are at the south end of the center (near 1st St.),
between the Dorthy Chandler Pavilion and the Mark Taper Forum.


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