Larry Crowne - Filming Locations (part 1)

Larry Crowne - Filming Locations
Part 1

 The Southern California locations where
"Larry Crowne" was filmed.

00:52: The movie opens with credits showing Tom Hank's character (Larry Crowne) arriving
early at his job at the local UMART big-box store, showing dedication to his workplace.

Frat House party 

This is actually the K-Mart store at 1000 N. San Fernando Blvd, in Burbank, CA.

 It's just north of the Golden State (5) Freeway, about 2 1/2 miles northeast of
Warner Bros, Disney and NBC Studios (and across the street from Burbank High School).

However, they only used this location for the store exteriors and parking lot -
the scenes where Larry pushes shopping carts and cleans up a children's ride.

(Here is a Google StreetView of the store.)


01:33: However, the UMART store's interiors, were shot a good 35 miles to the south.

Those scenes of Larry working inside the store, interacting with his fellow UMART employees, and
getting fired, were shot at another
K-Mart, this one at 2900 N. Bellflower Blvd, in Long Beach, CA.

That's in the Los Altos Gateway center, at Bellflower Blvd and Spring Street.

(Here is a Google StreetView of the store.)


66:51: After Larry is fired from his beloved UMART, we see him driving home, in shock.

         driving home
This driving scene was shot on the 16500 block of Devonshire Street, in Granada Hills, CA.

(Granada Hills, for the uninitiated, is in L.A's San Fernando Valley, near Northridge.)

He is heading east on Devonshire, just east of Hayvenhurst, and we see him pass 16538 Devonshire.

(Here is a Google StreetView panorama of the street.)


07:05: He arrives home. His house is situated in a typical Valley suburb - appropriately enough, on a dead-end street.

Larry's house is located at 8656 Balcom Ave, in Northridge, CA.

It's at the far end of Balcom Avenue, a small cul-de-sac with only 10 houses, located off Raymar Street,
and just south of Parthenia.
The camera is looking west/northwest.

(It's about 2 1/2 miles southwest of the street where we saw Larry driving.)

The later shot, below, (from 41:07) gives us a wider look at his house and street.

His home - wider view

[Warning: This is a private home.  Do not trespass on their property,
knock on their door, or do anything that might disturb the resident

(Here is a Google StreetView panorama of the home.)


: Unemployed, Larry then goes out looking for a new job, in a montage of shots.

He makes two quick stops.  The first is a small hardware store located in a strip mall.

Strip Mall Hardware Store

You'll find this strip mall at 849 E. Mariposa Street, in Altadena, CA, at the northwest corner
of Mariposa & Lake.  The camera is looking west/northwest as he walks beneath the awnings.

(Altadena is located just north of Pasadena - home of the Rose Parade.)

Here's a matching Google StreetView for the strip mall.


08:35: While job-hunting, Larry also stops at a Rite-Aid drugstore, and the camera lingers on the sign.

Farmers market

You'll find that particular Rite-Aid at, at 735 E. Altadena Drive, Altadena, CA.

It's in a small center at the northwest corner of Altadena Drive and Lake,
just a block north of that strip mall hardware store.

(Here's a Google StreetView of the same Rite-Aid sign.)


Larry goes to his bank, RiverCreek Bank, in hope of having his mortgage refinanced. Instead, the woman
behind the desk tells him that they can't do that, and suggests he start liquidating his assets.

In a later scene, Larry returns to the bank (after taking an economics class) and hands the
loan documents back to the woman, telling her he's walking away from the bad debt.


They filmed these scenes in a real bank: Farmer & Merchants Bank,
at 3290 E Artesia Blvd, in Long Beach, CA.

That's at the southwest corner of Artesia & Indiana Ave,
on the northern edge of Long Beach, on the border with Paramount, CA.


(Here is a Google StreetView of the bank.)

: Trying to improve his chances, Larry goes to college: East Valley Community College.

College sign

The college scenes were shot on the campus of Cal-State University Dominguez Hills,
located at 1000 E. Victoria Street, in Carson, CA.

(That's right next to the Home Depot Center stadium, the home of the Galaxy soccer team.)

First, we see the East Valley Community College sign.

That is actually the C.S.U.D.H. sign, except, of course, they changed the name.
You'll find that sign at the southeast corner of Victoria Street & Avalon Blvd.

(In the shot above, the camera is looking north/northeast.)

Here is a Google StreetView of that college sign - the way it looks in real life.



: Larry stops at a gas station, and is spending a lot of money putting gas in his SUV
when he spots two bikers at the station, spending almost nothing to refuel their bikes.

It gives Larry the idea of buying a scooter (and selling his SUV), to economize.

gas station

This scene was shot at a real Chevron station at 17011 Devonshire Street, Northridge, CA.
That's at the northwest corner of Devonshire & Balboa Blvd.

(In the shot above, the camera is looking northeast.  Below, it is looking west/southwest.)

Here's a Google StreetView of the gas station.


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