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The actual Southern California locations where Amazon's 2018
suspense / sci-fi series, "Homecoming" (with Julia Roberts) was filmed.

The Shanzhai bar

    Q.   What is it supposed to be on the show ?
      A.   A bar, in a restaurant called Shanzhai.

    Q.  Where is it supposed to be on the show ?

      A.   Somewhere in Florida.

    Q.   When did we see it on the show ?

      A.   In Episode 3 ("Optics"), at 24:00, we see Heidi ( Julia Roberts ) at a dim bar, inside what appears to a restaurant.

      This is 2022 ( since the format is square and not rectangular ).

      Heidi meets her old boyfriend Anthony ( Dermot Mulroney ) there, the guy she used to live with ( in her condo ), back in 2018, when she worked for Homecoming.

      She hasn't seen him in four years, since she dumped him.

      Anthony has changed; he looks less nerdy and more successful now.

      Even though she treated Anthony like a dog when they were together, he still hasn't moved on, and is obviously interested in getting back together.

      But that's not why she wanted to see him. She's simply trying to sort out her missing memories, and was hoping he could help her do so.

      She tries to subtly ask questions about her past, their relationship, her job…

      But Anthony quickly realizes something isn't right, and assumes that she simply trying to "cover her tracks".  He sarcastically assures her that she never told him any top-secret information about her job.  He's obviously disappointed that she has no personal interest in him.

      She admits to not even remembering her boss, Colin, who, Anthony remarks, called her constantly.  For that matter, she may not even remember her relationship with Anthony. She is aware that they were dating, but she apparently doesn't realize how long it lasted.

    The dark room has distinctive bright lines/veins running across its ceiling.
    We see a quick close-up of a menu cover, emblazoned with the name "Shanzhai".  ( Possibly an inside joke, since that term refers to counterfeit consumer goods, particularly electronics, in China. )

    Q. What is it actually in real life ?

      A.   A former restaurant.

    Q.   Where can I find it in real life ?

      A.   This was shot inside a restaurant called "Girasol", at 11334 Moorpark Street, in the Toluca Lake / Studio City area of Los Angeles's San Fernando Valley.

      To be more specific, it's at the southwest corner of Moorpark Street and Bakman Avenue, just a block or two southwest of the interchange of the Hollywood Freeway & the Ventura Freeway.

    "Girasol" ( named after a type of sunflower ) was a fine-dining establishment that was opened in 2013 by a "Top Chef" contestant, CJ Jacobson.  It had a unique look, and its avant-garde California cuisine got generally good reviews.  But Jacobson left in 2016, and the restaurant called it quits in 2018.

    Since it didn't officially close its doors until late that year, it's possible Girasol was still open at the time "Homecoming" was filmed there, in March 2018. 

    But it's gone now.

    Q.   How the heck did you figure out where it was?

      A.   I can't take credit for finding this one. I got a tip telling me where it had been shot.

      Then I simply googled for images of the restaurant 's interior, looking to match that very distinctive ceiling – and quickly found matching photos online.

Here is a matching Google StreetView of the Shanzhai Bar :

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