Hitchcock - Filming Locations

The actual locations where the 2013 film Hitchcock was filmed.

The actual locations where the 2013 movie Hitchcock was filmed.

The movie opens with the 1959 premiere of Alfred Hitchcock's thriller "North By Northwest".

The on-screen caption identifies the location as the United Artists theatre in Chicago.

But of course, it is not.  The film was shot entirely in Southern California.

In the screencap above, what you are really looking at is the marquee of the
Orpheum Theatre, at 842 S. Broadway, in downtown Los Angeles.

They changed the theatre name to read "United Artists", but if you look at the
neon around the marquee, it is easy to identify it as the Orpheum.

Below is a matching Google Streetview panorama:

The interior of the same Orpheum Theatre was later used as the interior of the
DeMille Theatre in New York City, for the scene of "Psycho's opening night.

But they couldn't use the exterior of the Orpheum for both theatres.

So, for the exterior of the DeMille Theatre, where Hitch and his
wife arrive at the premiere of "Psycho", they used the marquee
of L.A.'s Palace Theatre, at 630 S. Broadway.

(But once inside the theatre with Hitch (Anthony Hopkins), we're back inside the Orpheum.)

Below is a Google Streetview of the Palace marquee:

Hitchcock's Home

Hitchcock's home may well look familiar to you.

If you have ever seen the TV show "Switched at Birth", you should recognize
it as
the Kennish home, where both families live.

In real life, it's located at 918 N. Alpine Drive, in Beverly Hills.

(The blue swimming pool seen in the film is also located at the same home.)

Below is a matching Google aerial photo of the house & pool:

However, for the scene of Janet Leigh driving Mrs. Hitchcock home
(in her VW bug), they cheated just a bit...

The road you see (in the screencap above) is actually about two miles west of that Beverly Hills
home.  They are heading south on the 1200 block of Stone Canyon Road, in Bel-Air.

Below is a matching Google panorama of that same road:

And speaking of that swimming pool, how about the boutique where
Hitch's wife goes to buy that red swimsuit?

This is an actual store, and if you look closely, they even used its real name on the price tags.

This is Faye's Intimate Apparel, at 2295 Honolulu Avenue, in Montrose, CA.

(Montrose is about 14 miles north of Los Angeles, just west of Descanso Gardens.)

Below is a matching Google Streetview panorama:


One place they didn't fake was the studio where Hitch went to work.

That is exactly what it looks like: the famous Bronson Gate of Paramount Studios
located at the north end of Bronson Avenue, just north of Melrose, in Hollywood.

Here is a photo I shot (in 2013) of the Paramount gate:

Although Paramount did distribute "Psycho" - and the movie shows us Hitch
negotiating with Paramount's brass over that -  the film was actually shot at
Universal Studios Hollywood, on Sound Stage 24.  You can still see the
infamous Bates Motel at Universal, during the studio's tram tour:

The scenes of Hitch's wife, Alma (Helen Mirren) at the beach with her writer friend,
Whitfield Cook (Danny Huston) were filmed just north of the rocks at

Sycamore Canyon Beach, at 9250 Pacific Coast Highway, between Malibu & Point Magu.

(In the screencap above, the camera is looking south.)

Here is a Google StreetView of those rocks:

There are two restaurant scenes in Hitchcock:


The first (seen above), is where Hitch's wife meets with Whitfield Cook, over drinks.

The other restaurant scene (below) is where Hitchcock and his wife meet
with actress Janet Leigh (Scarlett Johansson).

Both scenes were filmed inside the same restaurant: Musso & Frank Grill, the
oldest restaurant in Hollywood, still open for business at 6667 Hollywood Blvd.

(You can read more about it here.)

Here is a Google StreetView panorama of the restaurant:


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