Part 4

The Actual Southern California Locations where
2004's "First Daughter" was filmed.

The bonfire scene takes us back to the UCLA campus again.

This scene was filmed at night,  down at the bottom of Janss Steps, in Wilson Plaza
- between Kaufman Hall (seen above) and the Men's Gym.

The scene where Sam & James sit on black couches (and talk about her being lonely)
was shot in one of the upstairs student lounges inside Kerckhoff Hall at UCLA.
(To judge by those stained glass windows, it's probably the third floor lounge).

The scene with the kids fishing in a row boat out on a pond (near the mountains)
appears to have been filmed at Sable Ranch, an isolated movie ranch, In the hills
above the northeast San Fernando Valley.

It's located at 25933 Sand Canyon Road, in Santa Clarita, CA
(about five miles north of the San Fernando Mission).


The carnival scenes (where Sam and James win prizes and he buys her a squished coin
for her charm bracelet) were shot at the Santa Monica Pier. The small amusement park
next to the pier is called Pacific Park. The address is 380 Santa Monica Pier. You'll find
the pier at the west end of Colorado Blvd, in Santa Monica.


At 1:09:32 on the DVD, there's a general campus shot (see above).
This is UCLA, of course.

The photo shows Powell Library and Dickson Plaza.

But it then cuts to 'Samantha' carrying a tray to an outdoor patio table -
that's patio is actually behind Kerckhoff Hall.

When 'Samantha' dresses up and goes clubbing, she gets drunk and ends up doing a
semi-striptease on a tabletop at a place called "Madison's Bar & Grill".
James steps in and stops her, then carries her out of the club.

Don't plan to go clubbing there, because "Madison's" doesn't really exist.

Remember that purple brick building we noted earlier on Glassell Street. Yep, that's it.

It was really a home furnishings store called "Blessings", located at 128 N. Glassell Street
in Old Town Orange. They just put up the signs and pretended it was a night club.
Even fooled some of the local Orange residents at first...

But you can dine right next door... As James carries her out of Madison's and turns
right (south) you can see a small sidewalk cafe right next to "Madison's".
This is the actual Citrus City Grill, at 122 Glassell Street, in Orange.


As for those scenes with the White House or the Air Force One Presidential Jet
in the background? Two words for you: "green screen". The jet wasn't even there.
Thanks to a little "movie magic", the kids were really walking up a stairway to nowhere....


Some of the photos on this page are stills from the DVD of "First Daughter"
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