Filming Locations of Fight Club (part 2)

    Part 2

    The Actual Southern California Locations where
    1999's "Fight Club" was filmed.

    Warning: due to the gritty nature of "Fight Club", a high percentage of its filming locations are found in urban areas that may have a high crime rate, and could be dangerous to visit - particularly those in the less reputable parts of downtown Los Angeles and Wilmington. Exercise reasonable caution.

    In a harrowing scene, Brad Pitt assaults an Asian man behind his liquor store, pointing a gun at the back of his head and telling him he is going to die. Eventually, he lets him live, on the condition that he resume following his youthful dream of being a veterinarian. That liquor store was actually North Star Liquor, and it was located just east of the topless bar in Wilmington, at 1109 WHarry Bridges Blvd, east of Hawaiian Ave. Like the topless bar, and everything else on that block, it was torn down. *

      Two of the assignments turn sour, when a Fight Club member is shot & killed by a guard. The assignments were to destroy a work of public art, and to trash a franchise coffee bar. The guys try to combine the two, by blowing up a huge, ball-shaped sculpture, sending it rolling it into a coffee bar. That scene was shot at the Water Court at California Plaza, 350 SGrand Ave (between 3rd & 4th), in downtown Los Angeles. (As you can see in this matching photo, the sculpture isn't really a part of the cascading fountain there.)

      ( The coffee bar is now a Starbucks, but it's not in the same plaza.  Instead, it's located next to those steel Michael Heizer shapes we previously saw, at 444 S. Flower St. )

    The movie theatre scene, where Brad Pitt splices single frames of pornography into a family film, were shot at the historic Los Angeles Theatre, located at 615 S. Broadway, in downtown Los Angeles. Closed to the public most of the year, the Los Angeles Theatre is often used for movie shoots, but the interior can be viewed by the public once a year as part of the annual "Last Remaining Seats" festival. *

    The hotel restaurant scene, where Brad Pitt 'contaminates' the lobster bisque, was shot at the Biltmore Hotel, which is located at 506 Grand Ave., in downtown Los Angeles.

    The later scene of a politician giving an anti-crime speech at a hotel gathering (where they kidnap
    and threaten the police commissioner) was also filmed at the

    'Marla Singer' (Helena Bonham Carter) lives in the tacky Hotel Bristol near Skid Row. That is an actual hotel, located at 423 W. 8th Street (between Hill & Olive), in downtown Los Angeles. *

    There is a scene where the Fight Club vandals blow up a computer shop called "Lightning Electronics" (the fiery explosion rips through the front glass windows of the storefront). A street sign, visible in the scene, shows that the scene was shot at a storefront at the 500 block of W. 6th Street (near the corner of 6th & Olive) in downtown Los Angeles.(near Pershing Square and the Biltmore Hotel).

    Remember the scene where the "Fight Club" vandals erase the video tapes on the shelves of a video store by running a magnetic degausser over them? That was shot at an actual Blockbuster Video, 6340 Wilshire Blvd. (west of Fairfax, east of San Vicente), in the mid-Wilshire area of Los Angeles.

    When Ed Norton is flying around the country, looking for info on the Fight Club franchises, he encounters a clerk in a dry cleaners who refuses to tell him anything, he just nervously mumbles a mantra about not being able to talk. Ed replies, with a shrug: "You're a moron." That dry cleaners scene was shot at an actual dry cleaners: S & H Cleaners, located at 511 S. Spring Street (at 5th Street), on the south side of downtown Los Angeles. *

* Locations marked with an asterisk may be located in high-crime areas. Exercise reasonable caution.

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