Eight Days a Week - Filming Locations

Eight Days a Week - Filming Locations

 The Southern California locations where
"Eight Days a Week" was filmed.

If you remember this 1997 romantic comedy, it's most likely because you're either a Keri Russell / "Felicity" fan,
or because you're a guy and you remember the scene where Keri prances around under a sprinkler in a wet T-shirt:

"Eight Days a Week" was filmed almost entirely on a single residential block,
with the action revolving around six homes on that block.

And you're probably wondering where that neighborhood is.

Well, it wasn't a studio backlot.  This was an actual residential neighborhood in the L.A. area,
and as you can see from this map, the houses were clustered together near the center of that block:

So, let's take a look at each of those six houses, and find out where they are...

( Do bear in mind that these are private homes, so don't trespass on their property,
knock on their doors, or do anything else that might disturb the residents
. )

First, we'll start with Erica's house, where Erica (Keri Russell) lived with her born again parents,
and where Peter camped out in her front yard, in hopes of winning her love.

That house is located at 159 N. Primrose Avenue, in the city of Monrovia, California.

Monrovia is located in northeast Los Angeles, between Glendale and Pasadena.
And this block of Primrose Avenue runs north/south between Oaks Avenue and Foothill Avenue.

Here is a Google StreetView of the house. As you can see, it hasn't changed much over the years.
It still has the white picket fence, the unusual door, and even the flower-covered arbor.


Next, let's move on to Peter's house, where Peter (Joshua Schaefer) lived with
his parents and his crafty old grandfather.

That house is located across the street from Erica's place, at 156 N. Primrose Avenue.

Here is a Google StreetView of Peter's house. As you can see, except for the landscaping,
it also hasn't changed much since 1997.

And then there's the house of Peter's oversexed friend, Matt (whose comic attempt
to make love to a watermelon proceeded "American Pie"'s similar routine by two years).

You don't see that much of the house in the movie - even though it may be the largest home
in the movie - usually just brief shots as Matt (R.D. Robb) dashes into the two-story colonial.

Matt's house is located two houses north of Peter's home, at 172 N. Primrose Avenue.

(Of the six homes, it's the farthest house to the north.)

Here is a Google StreetView of Matt's house. They've added a white fence since the filming,
but otherwise, it's also essentially the same as it was in the movie.

As Peter is camped out in Erica's yard, he has nothing better to do than to keep an eye on
his neighbors' activities.  One neighbor is a man whose wife is suffering from cancer.
  Peter sees him pushing her in a wheelchair through the neighborhood, and later
begins to suspect that the Sad Man may have killed her.  (He didn't.)

The Sad Man's house is located at 160 N. Primrose Ave, in between Peter & Matt's homes.

It isn't easy to see the Sad Man's house in the movie, because the one-story house is
mostly hidden behind two towering redwood trees in the front yard.

And as you can see from this Google StreetView of the house, those redwood trees are still there.

Ms. Lewis is a local cougar who (unsuccessfully) puts the moves on Peter.
We mostly see only the windows of her house, as Peter watches
her exercise inside to her "Buns of Steel" video.

But we finally get a good view of the full house late in the movie, when
Ms. Lewis (Catherine Hicks) and the equally-horny Matt manage to hook up.

Ms. Lewis's house is located at 151 N. Primrose Ave, two houses south of Erica's home.

(Of the six homes, it's the farthest house to the south.)

It has been painted a new color, and the trees have grown bushier, but as you can see from this Google StreetView
of the house, the walkway still sports those brick stripes, and the house itself hasn't changed much.

The final house belongs to "the crazy lady" , and we don't get to see much of it,
just a dark shot of her mowing her lawn at night, and this shot of
her sitting up on her roof. (You can see why they think she's crazy.)

It turns out that she has perfectly good explanations for her seemingly-odd behavior.

The Crazy Lady's house is located at 153 N. Primrose Ave, between Erica & Ms. Lewis's homes

But as you can see from this Google StreetView of the house, it appears to have changed
the most of the six houses on this block; they have painted it blue and may
have added siding as well. It's hard to tell, because we never get a really
clear view of the house in the movie.  Fortunately, the #153 is visible on
the porch, as you can see in the screencap above.


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