The actual Southern California locations where the
    2009 horror movie
    "Drag Me To Hell" was filmed.

    The movie opens via a flashback to "Pasadena, 1969", at the large home seen in the photo above, where attempts to save a young boy from a demon stalker fail, and we watch as the floor opens up and he is literally dragged down into hell.

    Ironically, there is only one location in this movie that was filmed in Pasadena, and this isn't it.

    This memorable house is the historic Doheny mansion, located on the downtown campus of Mount Saint Mary's college, at 8 Chester Place, Los Angeles. That's just north of Exposition Park and USC.

    Built in 1899, it belonged to Edward L. Doheny, one of the oil barons who helped build L.A., and who donated the property to the college. The mansion, and the other vintage residences on the private Chester Place, make up the downtown campus.

    A popular filming spot, the Doheny mansion has appeared in films such as "The Princess Diaries", "Spider-Man 3", "Catch Me If You Can" and "The Three Amigos".


    We then return to the present, with an aerial view of downtown Los Angeles, that eventually focuses on a car on the freeway, where our leading lady, Christine (Alison Lohman) is driving to work, while listening to a self-improvement audio.

    The freeway we see is the Harbor (110) Freeway, in downtown. We're looking southwest, at the Wilshire Blvd & 7th Street overpasses. (The black & white building to the left is the Ernst & Young Plaza, at 7th & Figueroa.)


    Christine arrives at her workplace, the WilshirePacific Bank.

    It's here that she has her fatal encounter with the old gypsy woman, Mrs. Ganush (Lorna Raver), who curses her, after Christine refuses to grant her another extension on her overdue mortgage payments.

    That bank building is a former Washington Mutual branch, at 18421 Ventura Blvd, in Tarzana,  CA.

    (A bit of trivia: the community of Tarzana - in the San Fernando Valley - was founded as Tarzana Ranch by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the author/creator of Tarzan of the Apes.)


    We stay in the Valley for our first meeting with Christine's boyfriend, Clay (Justin Long), when she goes to the college where he teaches psychology.

    The shot above (looking north) shows us the southeast end of Juniper Hall, on the campus of California State University, Northridge (otherwise known as Cal-State Northridge or CSUN) at 18111 Nordhoff St., in Northridge, CA.

    (Despite the "Psychology" sign placed out front, Juniper Hall is actually the University's business building. Psych is in Sierra Hall.)


    When we see Christine & Clay coming out of a cafe, the action abruptly shifts to the Echo Park/Silver Lake area of Los Angeles (just northwest of downtown).

    That cafe isn't real.  It's actually a trendy clothing store: Luxe de Ville, at 2157 W. Sunset Blvd, in Echo Park.

    (The door they come out of is located at the northeast corner of Sunset & Mohawk St.).


    We then watch as Clay & Christine walk up the street (Mohawk Street, in real life).

    Suddenly a strange wind blows. Somewhat alarmed, Christine is taken by the sight of a Psychic shop, and decides to go inside and have her fortune told.  It's there that she meets seer Rham Jas (Dileep Rao), who tells her the facts about her demonic curse.

    This cottage-like building is actually a purple boutique called "Sirens and Sailors", located just a few steps away from the "cafe", at 1104 Mohawk Street, in Echo Park.


    When Clay takes Christine home, we remain in the Echo Park/Silver Lake area.

    You'll find Christine's old Victorian house perched atop a hill at 1031 Everett Street (right next to Dodger Stadium.)

    [ Warning: this is a private home.  Do not trespass on their property, knock on their door,
    or do anything else that might disturb the residents
    . ]



    But now we finally get around to that one location filmed in Pasadena.

    A nervous Christine goes to the home of her boyfriend's wealthy parents for dinner, where she is met with thinly-veiled hostility by Clay's mother (who wants her son to marry someone who can advance his career).

    That 8,971 square foot home is located at 675 Burleigh Drive, in Pasadena, CA.

    [ Warning: this is a private home.  Do not trespass on their property, knock on their door,
    or do anything else that might disturb the residents
    . ]


    Desperate to raise the $10,000 she needs to remove the curse, Christine hauls all of her possessions down to a pawn shop and hocks them - but still doesn't raise nearly enough money.  (Her boyfriend, Clay, later picks up the bill.)

    The pawn shop is real, and both its name & street number are clearly visible in the shot above. It's the Echo Park Pawn Shop, at 1702 WSunset Blvd, in Echo Park (just a block north of the lake).


    When Christine goes to her seance/exorcism with Shaun San Dena (Adriana Barraza), we wind up back at the very same house that opened the movie (the one supposedly in Pasadena). It's 40 years later now, and the home looks worse for wear.

    After a long, traumatic ritual there (involving, among other things, a satanic goat), Christine finds herself no better off than before (and Shaun San Dena is dead).

    In case you forgot, this is the Doheny mansion, at 8 Chester Place, Los Angeles, on the downtown campus of Mount Saint Mary's college.

    The college offers tours of this mansion, by the way. You can check out their website at


    After the seance fails to rid her of her demonic stalker, Christine is told that she can solve her problem by giving away the cursed coin. So she goes to a diner/coffee shop, where she sits at the counter and looks for someone to whom she can give the coin - knowing that it will damn that person to hell.

    That diner is the Norm's restaurant at 470 NLa Cienega Blvd, in West Hollywood (a block south of Melrose).

    (Thanks to webslinger360 for tipping me to this one.)


    Finally, the movie reaches its creepy (and predictable) climax when Christine goes to a train station to leave on a trip with her boyfriend, Clay. Unfortunately, it's here, out on the train tracks, that the earth opens up and she is dragged down to hell.

    This was filmed at Union Station, at 800 NAlameda Street, in downtown Los Angeles.

    Now a grand Art Deco landmark, Union Station was the hub of transportation in Los Angeles before the popularity of passenger planes eclipsed rail travel. During World War 2, thousands of American soldiers said goodbye to their loved ones at Union Station, as they left for war.

    It's a popular filming location, the scene of movies such as "Pearl Harbor", "Charlie's Angels", "The Italian Job", "Raise Your Voice", and "To Live & Die in L.A."


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