Charlie's Angels Filming Locations - part 2


The Angels crash a party at this skyscraper. It's really The Gas Company Tower,
located at
555 W 5th Street in downtown Los Angeles.

This cafe is supposed to be at "RedStar Technologies". In reality, they shot
the scene on the roof of
L.A. Center Studios, at 1201 W. 5th Street, in
downtown Los Angeles. In this shot, you are looking east, with the
actual downtown L.A. skyline as the backdrop.

Needing to get past a retina-scan, the Angels dress up like yodeling Swiss maids
(complete with tuba-player & live goat) and knock on the door of the guy whose
retina matches the scan, pretending they want to deliver a singing telegram.

Performing a sexy little number, in skimpy costumes, they keep the attention
of the two guys long enough for a laser device hidden inside the tuba to
scan the guy's retina. This scene was shot in the San Fernando Valley,
11446 Awenita Court, in ChatsworthCA.

(Thanks to Owen for finding this location.)

(Remember, this is a private home, so don't trespass or disturb the residents!)

This brief shot of "RedStar Headquarters" was actually the familiar
Federal Building at 11000 Wilshire Blvd., in the Westwood Village section of L.A.
(a few blocks from the UCLA campus), where Wilshire meets the 405 Freeway

This unusual round house on hillside (where Drew Barrymore sleeps with
boyfriend/villain Eric Knox, and then gets shot through the window), looks
just like the famous (real) "
Chemosphere" house on stilts, designed
by architect John Lautner, which is located on a hillside west of Universal
Studios and the Cahuenga Pass, at
7776 Torreyson Drive.

However, this is not the real Chemosphere. Instead, this is a set, which
the producers built especially for the film, to resemble the Chemosphere.

After she's shot (and survives the fall), a naked Drew Barrymore shows up at
a house where two kids are playing video games, clutching a plastic flower as cover.
This scene was actually shot at
ET's house, the same house where they filmed the
movie "E.T", which, if you'll recall, starred a very young Drew Barrymore.
(You may also notice some Reese's Pieces scattered around.)
The house is located at
7121 Lonzo Street, in Tujunga, CA.

(Remember, this is a private home, so don't trespass or disturb the residents!)

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