Where the Stars are Immortalized

Monuments, Footprints in Cement, Halls of Fame,
Statues, Museums, and other Hollywood honors
bestowed on your favorite stars.

Hollywood celebrities have often been referred to as "royalty" by the press, and indeed their home town has often treated them as if they were demi-gods, erecting statues in their honor, preserving their footprints in cement, creating museums to enshrine their artifacts, and building Halls of Fame to salute their deeds.

But where will you find these monuments to the stars?.

Below, is a guide to the many places in greater Los Angeles where the stars have been immortalized, ranging from the forecourt of the Chinese Theatre to city streets named after the stars.


Where the Stars Made An Impression

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and see the actual footprints (and handprints) of the stars, immortalized in wet cement. Step into the shoes of your favorite star...


now gone )

Star Memorials, Monuments,
Statues and Halls of Fame

Streets Named After Movie Stars


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