Restaurants Owned by the Stars

    Where the Stars Dine, Part I

Everyone enjoys dining out, and celebrities are no exception.

In fact, one of the best ways to spot a movie star in the flesh is simply to go to the same restaurants that the stars frequent.

Over the years, L.A. has boasted dozens of restaurants & nightclubs actually owned by movie stars and TV personalities.

These celebrity cafés were often unique in appearance as well... Steven Spielberg’s former place, Dive!, was shaped like a giant yellow submarine. Kevin Costner’s Clubhouse recreated the ambiance of an exclusive members-only country club. And Peter Fonda’s Thunder Roadhouse looked like a rough & tumble biker joint - complete with Harleys out front.

Others were more traditional, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s casual-chic Schazi on Main in Santa Monica.

These restaurants often don't last very long.  It seems that almost everyone wants to open their own restaurant (including stars), but making the business a success is a different story.

But that doesn't stop them from trying.

So, at any given time, you can bet that there are still a number of celebrity-owned restaurants in L.A.

Currently, they range from Dan Aykroyd’s funky House of Blues, on the famous Sunset Strip, to Eva Longoria’s romantic Beso in Hollywood, to the hip Italian spot, Dolce, opened by Ashton Kutcher and his friends from "That '70s Show".

You'll find all the information you need right here: the names of the restaurants, their addresses & phone numbers, even the names of their celebrity customers.

Plus articles about former celebrity restaurants which have since given up the ghost - but still make for fun reading.

   (If you'd rather see a list of restaurants which are popular with the stars,
    but not owned by them, click here.)

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