Dexter Filming Locations: Trinity's Childhood Home


The location: Trinity's Childhood home.

Q. What is it supposed to be on the show?

    A. A residential home.

Q. Where is it supposed to be on the show?

    A. Outside of Tampa, Florida.

Q. When did we see it on the show?

    A. In Episode 8 (of Season 4), "Road Kill".

    On a trip to Tampa, Dexter tries to sneak out of the hotel he is sharing with Arthur Mitchell (the
    Trinity Killer) to attend a weatherman's convention (that he needs as an alibi).

    But out in the hotel parking lot, he runs right into Arthur, who is giddy with excitement.  He tells Dexter he has something great to show him, and forces Dexter to come along.

    They stop in front of a small blue house. Arthur runs up to door, and when a perplexed Asian couple answer, he hurriedly tells them that he grew up in this house, then politely pushes past them and leads a perplexed Dexter up the stairs (while the poor couple stand and gape).

    Upstairs, Arthur leads Dexter to the bathroom. He tells Dexter that this was "where it all started".

    He says he was watching his sister take a shower ("I was 10, it was innocent!"), when she saw him in the mirror, she was startled and slipped in the tub, shattering the glass shower door. The glass sliced the femoral artery in her leg, and she bled to death before the ambulance arrived.

    As a result, he says, his mother became a shell, and eventually killed herself (by jumping to her death), leaving him all alone with his abusive, alcoholic father who blamed him for their deaths. (He eventually killed his father with a hammer.

    Dexter asks why he has told him all of this. Arthur says "So you'll know you're not alone! You're just like me! We're both responsible for the death of an innocent," and then hugs him.

    By now, the Asian couple have come up the stairs and say they have called the police. Dexter convinces Arthur to leave, and they hurry out of the house.

Q. What is it actually in real life?

    A. A residential home. But nowhere near Tampa.

Q. Where can I find it in real life?

    A. This two-story, blue house is located at 267 NLoma Avenue, in Long Beach, CA.

    It's on west side of the street, just south of E. 3rd Street.

    That's just three blocks east of Trinity's school (where he works). E. 3rd Street and Loma Ave.

    It's about four blocks northeast of Dexter & Rita's new home, and about half a mile south of the gas station where Dexter gets rousted by the female cop.

    I shot the photo below in November 2009.

    [ Warning: This is a private home.  Do not trespass on their property, knock on their door,
    or do anything else that might disturb the residents. ]

    Here is an aerial photo of the house. And here is a map link.

Q. How the heck did you figure out where it was?

    A.  When I freeze-framed the shot of Dexter and Arthur getting out of their car (in front of the house), I spotted a sign in the distance reading "Beer & Wine Market". I had recently driven up Loma to reach another location (Trinity's school) in the Bluff Park area, so that sign rang a bell.


    I used Google to search that area for markets, and quickly found Henry's Market at the corner of 3rd & Loma. Google StreetView showed me the sign on its south side. Once I found the market, it was a simple matter of looking across the street to find Arthur's blue house.

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