The 2003 caper movie, "The Italian Job", wasn't filmed exclusively in Los Angeles.

In fact, the film opens with a heist in Venice, Italy, where we see the guys successfully steal $35 million in gold bars.

But they are betrayed by one of their own, and the film's grand caper (to steal back their loot) is strictly a "Los Angeles Job".

Since this website is called "Seeing Stars in Hollywood", we're going to stick to the L.A. locations, and tell you where you can find them the next time you pay a visit to Hollywood.

The unusual tactic is to use L.A.'s infamous traffic to the theive's advantage.  They stage the world's biggest traffic jam, in the heart of Hollywood, and then use tiny mini-Coopers to manuever freely on the sidewalks of Hollywood.

  • Click here to see a map of all "Italian Job" filming locations.

  • This early scene, where "Handsome Rob" (Jason Statham) is stuck in traffic behind an actor rehearsing his lines, was shot at the corner of 7th Street & Parkview St., west of downtown L.A.
  • They are heading east/southeast on 7th Street (you can see the L.A. skyline in the distance). You can also see MacArthur Park on the left (north) side. The distracted actor makes a left turn onto Park View.


  • When the good guys meet (several times) on the rooftop of a tall Art Deco tower overlooking Sunset, that is really the Argyle Hotel (formerly known as the Saint James Club), at 8358 Sunset Blvd, on the Sunset Strip.
  • In the above shot, the camera is looking west up Sunset Blvd.
    You can see the
    Hyatt Hotel on the right, and the Mondrian hotel to the left.

    That's also the
    Mondrian behind them in the photo below.

  • Several train station scenes (pictured here) were shot at Union Station in downtown Los Angeles.

    Union Station was the last grand train station built in the U.S. With its classic Art Deco look, it has appeared in a number of movies, including "Pearl Harbor" and "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle". (There was even a 1950 movie called "Union Station".)

    You'll find it across the street from (east of) historic Olvera Street, at
    800 N. Alameda Street, in downtown L.A.


  • Above, you can see Grauman's Chinese Theatre, shot from across the street,
    looking north across Hollywood Blvd. You'll find the historic theatre (and its famous stars' footprints in cement) at 6925 Hollywood Blvd, (at the Hollywood & Highland center) in Hollywood.
  • Below, is an aerial shot from the movie, showing three different armored cars
    turning off Hollywood Blvd. Note the stars from the Hollywood Walk of Fame
    on the sidewalks to the right of the trucks.

    Two of the trucks are decoys, designed to fool the good guys in pursuit.

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