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This fencing scene, glimpsed during the opening credits, was filmed at The Huntington
(Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens), which is located at
1151 Oxford Road in San Marino, just south of Pasadena, CA.
The building behind the duelers is the family mausoleum, featuring the crypt of
Henry Huntington himself, the man who gave L.A. it's famous old "Red Cars",
and after whom the city of Huntington Beach is named.

"Is it the Chad?" This tugboat scene was shot down at the L.A. Harbor in San Pedro,
not far from the Cabrillo Marina.

This disco fantasy dream of Cameron Diaz was shot in downtown Los Angeles.
on Broadway's old theatre row, at the historic
Los Angeles Theatre (at 615 S. Broadway),
a wonderfully ornate old movie palace used in many films.


Here, we see Cameron Diaz again (after she has awakened from her dream) shaking her bottom in
her Spider-Man underoos, and driving the poor delivery man crazy. The house she is seen at is actuallyy
located in
Venice, California, along one of that city's many picturesque canals.
The address is
410 Carroll Canal Court.

(Remember, this is a private home, so don't trespass or disturb the residents!)

In the movie, this is "Madame Wong's House of Blossoms", where Lucy Liu
gives a standing massage to Tim Curry. In reality we are back at
The Huntington,
a grand estate in
San Marino, CA, which is open to the public. This is their
Japanese Garden. The Huntington also features a rose garden, a cactus garden,
one of the greatest private libraries on earth, and art museums containing
(among other items) the paintings "Blue Boy" and "Pinky".

The Angels crash a party at this skyscraper. It's really The Gas Company Tower,
located at
555 W 5th Street in downtown Los Angeles.

This cafe is supposed to be at "RedStar Technologies". In reality, they shot
the scene on the roof of
L.A. Center Studios, at 1201 W. 5th Street, in
downtown Los Angeles. In this shot, you are looking east, with the
actual downtown L.A. skyline as the backdrop.

This brief shot of "RedStar Headquarters" was actually the familiar
Federal Building at 11000 Wilshire Blvd., in the Westwood Village section of L.A.
(a few blocks from the UCLA campus), where Wilshire meets the 405 Freeway

This unusual round house on hillside (where Drew Barrymore sleeps with
boyfriend/villain Eric Knox, and then gets shot through the window), looks
just like the the famous (real) "
Chemosphere" house on stilts, designed
by architect John Lautner, which is located on a hillside west of Universal
Studios and the Cuhenuga Pass, at
7776 Torreyson Drive.

However, this is not the real Chemosphere. Instead, this is a set, which
the producers built especially for the film, to resemble the Chemosphere.

After she's shot (and survives the fall), a naked Drew Barrymore shows up at
a house where two kids are playing video games, clutching a plastic flower as cover.
This scene was actually shot at
ET's house, the same house where they filmed the
movie "E.T", which, if you'll recall, starred a very young Drew Barrymore.
(You may also notice some Reese's Pieces scattered around.)
The house is located at
7121 Lonzo Street, in Tujunga, CA.

(Remember, this is a private home, so don't trespass or disturb the residents!)

The race car scenes (where Red Star premieres its new race car, and where the chase begins)
were shot at an actual race track,
California Speedway, located at 9300 Cherry Ave.
in Fontana, California (about 15 miles east of Pomona).

In a move that is hilarious to anyone familiar with L.A. geography, the chase
that starts out in Fontana quickly leads to the
Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro
- a good 65 miles away. (You are looking east in the photo above.)

At the Vincent Thomas bridge, a game of "chicken" develops between
the two race cars, and the bad guy plunges over the side into the channel.)

We are looking southwest in the photo above. The hill behind the bridge is
Palos Verdes peninsula. The gray ship below the bridge (which looks
like it's about to be hit by the falling car) is the real
SS Lane Victory, a
historic WW2 Merchant Marine ship that is open for public tours.

For the "Soul Train" scenes, where Cameron Diaz gets up and dances,
the producers went to the actual "Soul Train" set, which happens to
be at
Paramount Studios, at 5555 Melrose Ave. in Hollywood.
The scene above is an "alley" between sound stages at Paramount.

This one was tricky to find, but fortunately, I recognized it.
The hamburger stand where the girls drive through for burgers (while
their computer gadgets tell them about the bad guys) is actuallyy an
Foster Freeze ice cream stand in old town Torrance, located
1624 Cravens Ave, in Torrance, CA.

(They added a big burger to the roof for the shot, and they repainted
the surrounding walls in bright colors. Don't expect to see either
the burger or the blue & yellow walls if you drive by...)

It's just a few blocks from the high school (Torrance High) used as 'Sunnydale High'
in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", and from the residential house used as Buffy's home.

Townsend headquarters, the familiar brick building in the TV series, was
actually located at
189 Robertson Blvd., at the southwest corner of
Robertson Blvd and Clifton Way, in
Beverly Hills.

Since they planned to blow this one up for the movie, though,
it was a replica set built at the studio.

"The Chad was great!"  This second tugboat scene, where the girls get
ready to invade the bad guy's fortress, was shot in a cove off of
Palos Verdes.

This is the bad guy's fortress, where they were holding the kidnapped Bosley.
It's supposed to be in Carmel, but it's not. The cliff you see here is actuallyy
Long Point, the former site of the old
Marineland of the Pacific aquatic theme park
(where they used to shoot the TV series "Sea Hunt"). The park closed long ago,
and the hilltop is now used for a lot of filming because of the ocean view (parts of
"Pirates of the Caribbean" were also shot here). The fortress in this shot is a
matte painting, superimposed on the actual hill, which is located at
6610 Palos Verdes Drive South, in Palos Verdes Estates, CA.

The fortress itself was a mix of sets at Sony Studios in Culver City,
L.A. Center Studios in downtown, matte drawings, and a set built
at the actual Palos Verdes location.

But for the final scenes (where the bad guys try to blow up Charlie's house
with a rocket fired from a helicopter) you have to head north up the coast
a good 80 miles, to a place called "
Sycamore Cove".

Sycamore Cove is part of Point Magu State Park, located at
9000 W. Pacific Coast Highway, in Malibu, 40 miles north of Santa Monica,
near the Ventura County Line.

Charlie's house was shot at the same "Sycamore Cove".

And so was the very last scene, where the girls and Bosley are relaxing on the beach,
sipping drinks, when Drew spots Charlie watching them.